London Epidemic

"London Epidemic"

Platform: Ipad/Ipad 2

Genre: Boardgame

Player: 1 to 4

A 3 month work made by a team of six person for Medigames Studio .

Welcome in the town of london around 1800. Choose one the four avaible
disease and the spread the epidemy in London District. Prepared yourself,
in the end, there can be only one.


Project Manager: Quentin de Beukelaer .

Game Designer: Quentin de Beukelaer ,Damien Dreveau
Art: Favrel Orson,Benjamin Perrot

Programming: Damien Dreveau ,Emmerick Aussignac
Sound design: Sylvain Jeannot

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Ingame View of the Board Game

Ingame View of the Board Game